HandyJava is the world’s first all-new design portable coffee machine for Dolce Gusto (DG) capsule and ground coffee. 



With HandyJava, in minutes everyone can enjoy favorite coffee any time and any place – all at a touch of a button. 


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Flavor every gathering and reunion

HandyJava is a portable coffee that combines new features and features to create a variety of flavors such as espresso, latte, and cappuccino. Break the boundaries of your enjoyment of coffee.


Brew every precious moments together

Whether you are with your family or friends, you can always become a professional barista, cook a cup of steaming coffee for your loved ones.

When you are at work, a rich espresso can instantly relieve all tiredness, refresh yourself in a second. HandyJava companies you every moment.


Why HandJava is so unique?

Perfect Brewing Temperature - The artificial intelligence chip precisely senses the temperature and will heat it the perfect 90℃.

High Pressure Pump - The patented coffee extraction pump ensures a deep and stable extraction with rich flavors and aromas.

Ideal Water Current Speed - The perfect water current speed for capsules and ground coffee. 


Can I use HandyJava with coffee grinds and the Dolce Gusto capsules or only capsules?

You can use it for Dolce Gusto capsules and ground coffee. 

Does it heat the water?

Yes, it can heat the water, so you are free to enjoy hot and fresh coffee anytime and anyplace. 

Can it pull a Lungo coffee?

Yes, you can brew the Dolce Gusto Lungo pod, or any other kind coffee flavor including latte and Cappuccion, and others. 

Does it come with battery?

No, you need to buy 4 x AAA 7# 1.5V Batteries.

Is it compatible with Nespresso capsules?

No, It works with original line Dolce Gusto caspules.

When using cold water, how long does it take for the heating process?

Depends on the temperature of the water poured in. In general, It takes approx 8-10 minutes to boil water and make a coffee.

Is this BPA free?

Yes, it is BPA free and you can use it confidently.

Can this machine brew cappuccino and latte?

Yes, with Dolce Gusto cappuccino pod and latte pod.

How do I check the water tenperature when heating?

There is a light that flashes different color according to the water temperature, the color of blue means cold water, purple means warm water, red represents hot water.

How much water should I add when brew cappuccino?

Add 140ml water. There are level lines in the water tank that will indicate you.


  • Worldwide Shipping

    Low cost to every corner of the earth. 

  • Use Anywhere

    Simply plug it in or run it on batteries.

  • Easy To Clean

    You only need to wash the cup. 

  • Charge On The Go

    Equipped with a car charger and adapter.

  • Safe & Reliable

    Made with the best quality food grade materials for optimal safety.

  • Portable & Convenient

    Works with easy to carry DG capsules.