Method 1 (Use hot water):       

1. Unscrew the cup, take out the DG capsule box, and put the DG capsule into the extraction cavity (see appendix for assembly and disassembly of the cup and extraction cavity);
2. Put the DG capsule box back in the coffee maker and screw the cup;
Note: Screw down the DG capsule after loading it into the DG capsule. If it is not tightened up, coffee cannot be made properly;
Note: Capsule box and cup should be placed evenly.
3. Fill the water tank with 150ml hot water at a temperature of over 85 degrees Celsius. Cover the cap;
Note Heating water, not above MAX line.
4. Long press on the key for 2 seconds and red light is on. Coffee extraction begins. After extraction completion, the buzzer sounds. You can spin out the cup to drink coffee. Please keep the coffee machine on the table while extracting. Do not shake the machine.

  Method 2 (Use normal temperature purified water):

1. Repeat step 1 to 3 of method 1. Step 3 change the hot water into cold purified water;
2. Connect the coffee machine to the power adapter, and then plug in the power; Or connect the coffee machine to the onboard power cord and the car power supply;
3. Long press on the key for 2 seconds, red light flashes. The machine begins to boil water -- the action of making coffee. When the water reaches the temperature where the coffee is made, the machine pumps the coffee. After the whole process, the buzzer sounds 4 times.