Our Story 

HandyJava Design


The origin to invent the coffee machine is the love for coffee. Our chief engineer is a coffee buff, and specializing in the coffee industry for years. Coffee permeates every aspect of his life and work. Every morning, drinking a cup of coffee is a must that lightens a new day and awakens his vigor. Things get troubled when he is on a business trip. He has to suffer the days without coffee, which makes him feel bad. Occasionally, he found out he is not the only person who is troubled with the problem. He made a big decision and determined to invent the portable coffee machine. In order to focus on research and development, he quit his well-paid job. However, the invention process is not as easy as it looks. Four years have passed. Millions of tests were made. Finally, the idea is about to come true and the portable coffee machine will launch. We’d like to share this wonderful coffee machine with the world!